Covid 19 update 2020-03-23T11:21:48+00:00

Covid 19 update

Dear visitors,

First and foremost we want to wish all the people currently infected by this horrible virus a good and speedy recovery. Our hart goes out to every single one. It affects almost everybody in one way or another across the world and we truly hope that with all the lock downs, things will get better soon!

Also economy wise it has a huge impact and doesn’t spare many people I’m afraid. Also we took a bad hit, as all bookings were cancelled from almost one day to the next. Very understandable ofcourse, but also a little frightening. How vulnerable we all are…

We are both true optimists though and we will patiently wait for things to return to normal. In the mean time we are trying to help out people in our surroundings and coping just like everybody else. For all the people that booked with us and cancelled, you will get a refund. We do hope you will understand that due to the corona virus, all of the bookings are cancelled at practically the same time. For us it is quite a blow and to make sure that our business doesn’t fall apart or that we get cash flow issues, we would like to spread the refunds. That would mean that we would automatically issue the refund on your travel date.

We really look forward to welcome you in Amsterdam on your next vist. In the mean time: stay safe, be kind to each other and stay home!

Rudy & Katja

Ruud Vlasman