Flower Power (March 23 to May 14, season 2023)

Flower auction Aalsmeer, Keukenhof, country side

Holland & flowers are simply inseparable. Fields of bulbs, long narrow trenches and green bands of grass create a colorful palette, especially in the provinces of Noord-Holland and Flevoland. In addition to being Holland’s leading export product, our flowers also attract many tourists from all over the world.

Flora Holland is the largest flower auction company today. More than 20 million flowers and plants are sold on Flora Holland every day, which is 90% of the Dutch flower trade. The auction houses have about 5,000 members, 9,000 suppliers, 3,500 customers and 4,500 employees. The Dutch flower business maintains 250,000 full-time jobs worldwide.

We need to get up early, but it’s worth to visit! Feel the tension and the dynamics of the international flower trade up close as you watch dozens of tractors with flower trailers pass by.

The first tulip bulbs arrived in Holland several centuries ago, coming from Turkey and Iran. They immediately became very popular in Holland, and their arrival was the beginning of a thriving flower industry. The tulips of Holland are famous all over the world.

If you love flowers, you can not miss a visit to the Keukenhof, a park where over 7 million flower bulbs are planted every year! You will see a fantastic collection of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and many other flowers. A spectacle of colors and perfumes, Keukenhof includes several gardens and four large pavilions that show the most magnificent flowers imaginable. Each year, the Keukenhof creates a new look according to a central theme. Although the park is open only eight weeks a year, it attracts about 800,000 visitors each year.

Duration: +/- 8 hours
Includes: driver/guide that speaks English (car/minivan), mileage, parking & tax
Excludes: entrance fees, lunch and drinks (except mineral water in the car)
Price: €520,- Mercedes E-Class sedan or  €600,- Mercedes V-Classminivan